130 Central Avenue
Fredonia, NY  14063
Town of Pomfret

Clinton Colegrove bought a large lot on 20 September 1879. The house was built in 1879/1880. (He and his family are in the house by the time of the 1880 Census). On 2 February 1881 his wife, Elarcia, died. She left a number of children including an only son. On 3 May 1882 Edith Colegrove married George MinerThe Fredonia Censor 13 September 1882: "Professor Babcock has rented the Misses Colegrove's house, on the Avenue, and will occupy it during the coming year. The Misses Colegrove will for the present reside in Buffalo with their brother." The 1883 Directory has George Miner in the house, so Babcock perhaps had to move on.That directory lists him renting on Temple St. Another Colegrove sister, Mary B., formerly of Fredonia, was married in Buffalo on 27 March 1889, so most of them probably stayed in Buffalo. The house was sold to Chauncey Abbey (1885 The Fredonia Censor 8 April 1885: CA will deed the house to his daughter, Mrs.Warren B.Hooker. They will reside there.), Hookers sold to William E.Clark (The Fredonia Censor 24 August 1904: WEC will move in after Judge Hooker moves out this fall.)

[Compiled by Douglas H. Shepard, Barker Historical Museum, Fredonia, NY)


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