624 Maple Shade Lane
Kennedy, NY  14747
Town of Poland

Today’s Cemetery Street was not shown on the map of Kennedy which appeared in the 1867 County Atlas just after the Civil War, but by the time of the 1881 County Atlas, the street was shown with seven homes on it. At today’s 3507 Cemetery Street was the home of H. Newton, and at today’s 624 Maple Shade Lane was a building of W. T. Falconer. At 3491 Cemetery Street was the home of I. Stedman, at 3488 Cemetery Street was that of R. E. Falconer, and at 3483 Cemetery Street was that of R. Little. Just south of the R. E. Falconer premises was the home of M. Jackson. At today’s 625 Maple Shade Lane was the home or R. S. Howe.

A major landowner in the Kennedy area, W. T. Falconer was shown on the 1881 County Atlas with the Falconer and Nichols saw mill and a factory which made sashes and blinds (window shutters). He had been shown on the 1867 County Atlas with a store listed as “Falconer and Earley, Dealers in General Merchandise.” According to the personal notices in the 1881 County Atlas, W. T. Falconer, merchant and dealer in lumber, was born in Sugar Grove, PA in 1824 and married H. Jenny Daily of Brocton, NY. He was a supervisor for the Town of Poland in the years 1859, 1860, and 1863. His partners in the lumber business were Benjamin Nichols and Captain Ira C. Nichols, born in Clayton, NY in 1835 and 1840, respectively. Benjamin Nichols had been shown on the 1867 County Atlas as a millwright. Captain Ira C. Nichols had served as a Union officer during the Civil War.

Today’s township of Poland had been considered part of the Town of Erie in the County of Genessee in 1804. In 1808, it became part of the Town of Pomfret. In 1812, it became part of the Town of Ellicott, but in 1832 it became its own separate township. For further information about the nineteenth century in the south county, consult the Fenton History Center in Jamestown, the deed record of the Chautauqua County Clerk, and the collections of the Chautauqua Genealogical Society.


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