11 Water Street
Frewsburg, NY  14738
Town of Carroll

Historic homes were shown on 19th century maps in the neighborhood of today’s 11 Water Street and 15 Water Street  in Frewsburg. The 1854 Wall Map of Chautauqua County showed the H. A. Frew home in the vicinity of 11 Water and 15 Water. The 1867 Atlas of Chautauqua County showed a hotel on the corner (diagonally across from the Myers House Hotel), a home of L. Simmons, a home of J. Marsh, and the home of Mrs. J. Frew. The 1881 Atlas of Chautauqua County showed the J. Austin commercial buildings on the corner, then the home of L. Simmons, then the home of Mrs. Sharman, and then the home of Mrs. Frew, who had 9 acres of land along Frew Run (also known as Frews Creek). Both styles of architecture at 11 Water and 15 Water were common in early Chautauqua County.

The 1867 Atlas included a “Business Directory” for Frewsburg, and listed the following people: Eaton & Gould (Dealers in General Merchandise), B. F. Chapman (dealer in General Merchandise), H. G. Howard (dealer in General Merchandise), J. H. Frew (Lumber Dealer), L. Myers (Lumber Dealer), J. Myers (Farmer), J. R. Myers (Farmer), W. Myers (Farmer), Roberts Myers (Farmer), Jeff Frew (Farmer), W. Wyman (Farmer), J. and A. Converse (Tanners and Curriers), J. Myers (Tanner and Currier), L. M. Robertson (Surveyor and J. P.), C. W. Persell (Bookkeeper), A. Fox (Justice), A. P. Tinkcom (Mechanic), C. Howard (Carpenter and Joiner), R. F. H. Furlow (Carpenter and Joiner), E. Hayward (Cooper and Stave Manufacturer), D. R. Haynes (Cooper), M. Cook (Mason), A. M. Woodcock (Mason), W. Sheldon (Harness and Saddle Manufacturer), O. C. Gibbs (Physician and Surgeon), G. W. Snell (Farmer), D. Frew (Farmer), A. D. Marsh (Farmer), J. Hiller (Farmer), J. R. Frew (Farmer), M. Frew (Farmer), P. Pemberton (Proprietor Myers’ Hotel), H. H. Wood (Miller), W. F. Tinkcom (Blacksmith). The Eaton store was shown at the southwest corner today’s Main and Water Streets. The Pemberton Hotel was shown at the northwest corner of today’s Main and Pearl Streets.

The 1881 Atlas included a section entitled “Personal Notices,” which featured several members of the family names mentioned above. For further information about this historic neighborhood, consult the deed record of the Chautauqua County Clerk and the extensive records of the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society.


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