8796 Center Road
Cassadaga, NY  14718
Town of Arkwright

The 1854 Wall Map and the 1867 Atlas of Chautauqua County list the house under S. Burnham. The 1881 Atlas of Chautauqua County lists the house under J. J. Ball, who was Joshua Jacqua Ball, the father of J. D. Ball and Clifton Ball, who both later owned other houses along Center Road. This house stood on top of the hill with a large barn behind it.  The house collapsed about ten to fifteen years ago, and the foundation was buried.  All that remains are the lilac bushes that stood at the front of the house. Below are pictures of the house as it stood about 1900. Pictured on the north side of the house are Clifton, Carrie, Lucy, Alta, Jay, Josh, and Charlie Ball. The other photo shows the south side of the house along with the barn.


On the 1854 Wall Map, there were at least a dozen homes on the east side of today’s Center Road from today’s Route 83 to today’s Bard Road. One group of homes near Route 83 included the surname Medbury, which is a name that appears in the Town family cemetery near today’s  Blacks Corners. The fifth home from Route 83 was shown in the name of B. F. Cook. Next were the homes of S. Johnson, J. Johnson, I. Woods, H. Herrington, N. Smith, S. Emmons, P. Henason, S. Burnham, and the J. White saw mill.


On the 1867 Atlas, there were fourteen homes or buildings on this side of Center Road between Route 83 and Bard Road. Beginning at Route 83, they were shown as the homes or buildings of S. Stearns, T. Horton, D. Porter, A. Luce, and A. Baldwin. Next was an unidentified home, then the homes or buildings of Mrs. H. Cardot, G. Carpenter, H. Emmons, S. Burnham, the saw mill, V. Clause, A. Burnham, and A. Burnham again.


On the 1881 Atlas, only nine buildings were shown on this side of the road between Route 83 and Bard Road. They were the S. Jones store at Route 83, then the homes of A. J. Baldwin with 100 acres, J. Tinnay with 65 acres, O. W. and Geo. Spencer with 98 acres just south of the 98 acre of Wm. Wilson, Mrs. L. P. Clough with 135 acres, J. J. Ball with 88 acres, J. Christy with 36 acres, and A. Burnham, Jr. with 360 acres. No home remains on the Emmons farm, but some of the outbuildings still stand. Joshua Jacqua Ball was my great, great, great grandfather. [Photos and research contributed by Maggie Ball, January, 2009.]


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